Sep 232015

InshAllah we will be celebrating Eid al-Ahda on Thursday 09/24/15 and performing the Eid prayer at exactly 9:00 am next to the Roadside shelter. Please dress warmly and bring a prayer rug. Light refreshments will be provided. Please click the maps provided for directions.

Directions to the Park

Location of shelter

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Jul 162015

Alhamdulilah, Eid is upon us. Masjid As-Sunnah will have the salat-ul-eid on July 17th at 9am sharp in Ellison Park at the Orchard Grove shelter. Please arrive early and bring a prayer rug. We will have refreshments and a BBQ following the salat until sundown inshAllah. If you would like to bring coffee/tea or sweets to share please feel free to do so. This link provides you with a map of the park – Note: As you drive along Blossom road, you will follow the road down the hill until you reach the parking lots or entrance on the left.

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